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My story


I have had a passion for board sports for a number of years, ever since I got my first board to be exact. We are now working on bringing our idea to life. What got me involved in skating? I remember going over to one of my parents friends house on christmas day when I was 7 years old or so and getting an old school deck. From there I went into new school skateboarding until I was 14 never getting really good at it. At 16 I got my first longboard and never looked back, now I’m competing internationally and I am ranked in the top 100 in the world

As I grew up and got more into skateboarding I dreamed of owning my own skate store. I soon realised that it was too much so I settled for a website and Greenware was born.

Greenware’s Story

Greenware was founded in April of 2010 by Max and Niclas. However, nothing really developing between 2010-12 we dropped our partnership and Max took over and carried the company on, slowly adding content, dreaming up ideas, coming up with designs. In the summer of 2011 Greenware moved to the UK from Spain to develop even further.


Our mission here at greenware is to give that little bit back to the environment through Eco friendly clothing. Our products are made from organic materials that are sourced fairly and ethically. Every time you purchase one of our "ECO" t-shirts, you give that little bit back to the environment. We aim to get the best out of every product and to get it at the best available price.

We want to keep our brand pure and keep its core like skateboarding was when is first started. We want to make the brand something special and something unique to each person that visits. We want our tshirts not only to be an intem of clothing but a piece of art something genuine. We love to support our artists who help us collaborate with the art work on the products. We feel that organic products offers a very unique and a very special side to clothing.


2012 will bring the brand to life officially launching on the 20th of February. We have several ideas to develop the brand further so stay tuned to find out more.


Why Organic?


Using an organic material to make a t-shirt has many benefits.


Organic fibres are grown with out the use of harmful pesticides. This promoting a healthier farm and working environment. Social conditions are high in organic textile factories, and organic cotton production can help farmers find a way out of poverty. Animal welfare is at the heart of organic systems, so is better for animals growing our fibres. Organic textiles don’t contain allergenic, carcinogenic or toxic chemicals.


Greenware Team




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