Interview Times With Adam Persson

Hi Adam, What’s up Max? Where are you from? Im from the beautiful city of Stockholm, Sweden. What was the first longboard that you ever bought, what was the setup? A super fun slalom cruiser, a Fibretech 720! With a GUS-truck in front, a Seismic-truck in the back, 66mm Zigzags 80a and Kahalani bearings. Always had a great time on it, skated it to school a lot! How long have you been long boarding for? I guess it’s 4-5 years now. Been loving it since the day I picked it up! Who got you into long boarding? No one really! Had been street skating for a couple of years and felt like trying something new! Best decision of my life! What is the community in Sweden like? We’ve got a really big cruising scene. It started growing two years ago, when the scene wasn’t really that big and it’s still growing. A lot of people picked up downhill/freeriding at the same time, so now we got a lot of rad kids shredding the streets of Stockholm. Which IGSA race was the first on you ever went to? Almabtrieb, 2010! Such a great race! Had LOTS of fun! What IGSA race do you really want to go to? I’ve always wanted to go to Teutonia, thinking about it this year. We’ll see what happens! If I could choose a race they would put on again, I would say GRAVEYARD CALL! Such a rad track. What are your sponsors like? Dan and Mike, the owners of Kahalani Boards. Down to earth guys that really love longboarding. They breath longboarding and try to do as much as they can for the scene. They are all about having fun! RIDERS TO RIDERS! Whats your favourite longboard trick? Trick? The downhill slide I guess, thank you Mr. Coleman! I love freeriding down steep narrow hills and the slide really helps you do that i a super fun way. Who inspires you to skate every day ? No one in particular really. But people having fun in general really gets me inspired! That’s what it’s all about! Credits to Tanya Raab for the photos

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